Stephen Bryen is a leading expert in security strategy and technology.  He has held senior positions in the Department of Defense, on Capitol Hill and as the President of a large multinational defense and technology company. 


Dr. Bryen did his undergraduate work at Rutgers University, received his M.A. and PhD from Tulane University and did post-doctoral work at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.  At Tulane, Bryen was a National Defense Scholar.

Dr. Bryen writes for Asia Times, American Thinker,  National Interest, Epoch Times, and Infocus Magazine and for many other newspapers and magazines. He has published four books on security subjects.


Stephen Bryen is a Senior Fellow of the American Center for Democracy. He also serves as a Senior Fellow for Il Nodo di Gordio (The Gordian Knot), a leading thing tank in Italy, and as a Fellow of the Taiwan Institute for Political, Economic and Social Studies. 


Dr. Bryen’s expertise and high effectiveness has earned him the highest civilian awards of the U.S. Defense Department on two occasions and established him as a proven government, civic and business leader in Washington D.C. and internationally.


Morley Safer of the CBS Program 60 Minutes said: "Dr. Bryen was the Pentagon's top cop, the man whose job it was to ensure that sensitive technology would be kept from enemies, potential enemies and questionable allies."

"Bryen came to private industry after a career in government, but even there he was an innovator and entrepreneur. ... A key part of Bryen's portfolio was managing and shepherding US-allied technological cooperation in pursuit of the common defense."

--David Silverberg in Homeland Security Magazine (now HS Today).


He was the founder and first director of the Defense Technology Security Administration and served as a Commissioner on the US-China Security and Economic Review Commission.

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Recently Dr. Bryen was interviewed on Beyond the Matrix about his new book, Security for Holy Places

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